The international classification has become an indispensable necessity in recent years, as universities that are not ranked at the international level have no place on the global map, but rather regional and local as well, so the student now before joining any university is looking for its international position before the local, in order to guarantee a job opportunity in the local and international market as well.

In this context, Ain Shams University places (the advancement of the international classification) at the forefront of its strategic priorities that work with all its cadres and its human, material and logistical capabilities to achieve the best global ranking of the university within the various international classifications.

The university administration has taken many executive measures in the recent period to work on improving the global ranking of the university, on top of which was the establishment of a central administration for the university’s international classification, from which sub-departments will emerge in all the university’s faculties and institutes. These measures are implemented by a distinguished team of faculty staff and the assisting body, and then the university sought to consolidate the bonds of cooperation with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) to work on the weight of skills and competences of this team through  many distinguished training courses in everything related to the various fields and standards of international classification.

Ain Shams University is now striving to circulate these training courses to all faculty staff and the assisting body in the faculties and institutes of the university, so that everyone is fully aware of the standards and requirements of the various international classifications, in order to achieve greater speed and a wider benefit in improving the university’s ranking in various international classifications.

Concerning the graduate studies and research sector at the university, its efforts to improve the international classification of the university are abundant and fruitful greatly, as the sector works hard to create an appropriate research environment that motivates the faculty staff and the university’s assisting body to publish their scientific output in internationally refereed scientific journals and on various international research sites, which would represent the university distinctively in various international classifications.