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Our vision is to become the center for the globalization of the university, paving roads leading the university to an international experience through academic and non-academic collaborations with universities, institutes, organizations, graduates, and postgraduates all over the world. Hence, developing world-class citizens through intercultural exposure and steering the university to be globally recognized and respected.
IRAC is responsible for the collaborations of Ain Shams University with international universities at various levels. We promote and facilitate student and staff mobility from and to our university, providing all types of services, helping researchers to engage in academic and non-academic projects with grant funding to achieve international visibility. Continuous communications are kept with the ASU alumni providing all possible services. Consequently, driving our university to pursue international recognition and higher ranking.


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International Relations And Academic Collaboration Sector

Executive Director: Prof. Shahira Samir Vice Dean For Environmental Affairs Professor of Anatomy Faculty Of Medicine

Rankings Office

Director: Dr. Ahmed ElBanna Lecturer Of Dental Biomaterials Faculty Of Dentistry
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International Students and Mobility Office

Director: Prof. Sherweit ElAhmady Professor Of Pharmacognosy Faculty Of Pharmacy
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Alumni Office

Director: Prof. Reem H. ElKabarity Professor Of Anesthesia, ICU and Pain Management Head Of Scientific Clinical Nutrition Council Faculty Of Pharmacy
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International Relations Office

Director: Prof. Mostafa Refaat Ismail Vice Dean For Education and Students Affairs Professor of Architecture Faculty Of Engineering
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Vice Director: Sherif ElSeginy Faculty Of Medicine
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Grants Office

Director: Prof. Tamer Elnady Professor of Acoustics Faculty Of Engineering
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Vice Director: Noha M. Elrafie Faculty Of Medicine

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